Professional Introducing Broker


iKAPITOL is a professional master introducing broker.

iKAPITOL gets commissions from the Sharing Economy’ program of Triskel Trading.

iKAPITOL is a licensee of Beat Market’s expert advisers.

iKAPITOL does not raise funds from its references.

iKAPITOL holds a MAM account in the Triskel Trading broker.

Payment Methods


All of the profits generated through the Partner Bonus, Team Bonus, Renew Bonus, Evolution Bonus, and Leadership Bonus before 00:00 GMT+1 (17:00 GMT-6  Mexico City) will be paid on that same day from 03:00 GMT+1 (20:00 GMT-6 Mexico City).


There will be no need to request the withdrawal as it will happen automatically. Anything generated after this time will be considered for the following day.


Profits generated by the Beat Markets bonus will be included to the platform from Monday through Friday and deposited on the first day of each month, if the person deactivated the compound interest option.


All payments will be made to a Bitcoin (BTC) orTether (TRC20) and Triskel Stable Token (TST) wallet provided by the user when the account is verified with their biometrics.

Your Own

With iKAPITOL, you can access your own back office to see daily the profits received for your performance as an IBS.

Within reach of everyone

Our program is perfect for Digital Marketers, Bloggers, Influencers, Network Marketing Leaders, Introducing Brokers, and anyone who loves marketing and the financial world and wants to give their network a REAL OPPORTUNITY.